Salam Brief abbreviation of the word Salami and meaning when someone is stupid

"Dat* guy's a real salam!" *see: Dat
Sangwich Unexplainable inability of St-Leonard italians to pronounce the word "Sandwich" correctly

"I'm gonna eat a sangwich while I watch the Flingstones* at lunch today" *see: Flingstones
Sanjoubert Mispronounciation of the french "Saint-Hubert", A street in Montreal with lots of wedding shops


"I have to go to Sanjoubert to go shop for a wedding dress"  
Scarpinis Dress shoes for men "Where d'you get dose scarpinis? At Stella shoes?
*see: Dose

To put or to give someone a slap "Just shkiaff dose* boxes over there, we'll put them away later"
"I'm gonna give you a Shkiaff if you don't shut up"


*see: Dose
Shkoff To eat "Mingia!*, Vince is a real pig! We went to McDonald's, and he shkoffed 3 Big Macs!"


*see: Minghia
Shkombomballated Disoriented and/or confused


"Let me tell you: when that soccer ball hit me in the head, I was all shkombomballated!"


Shot When someone is crazy or when something is broken "This guy is shot in the head!"


"This printer is no more good*, it's shot!"


*see: No more good
Cool guy, a guy who looks good
"At the marriage*, Pat looked like a shpakown!"


*see: Marriage
Shpéza Groceries "Help me take a'shpéza inside the house"


Shteelè GQ
Style or GQ style "Do you like Diss* shirt, it has a nice shteelè"
"Meee*, Joe's dressed up Shteelè GQ tonight!"


*see: Meee
Shtreet A street or when something is tight "The restaurant is up ou shtreet"
"The parking spot is too shtreet for my car."


Scullato When someone is "lucky" "meee, diss guy is so scullato in bigliardino"
*see: Meee
Slowly by slowly Slowly but surely "Slowly by slowly we'll make all the sausages we need for this year"


Smash To break something
"I'm gonna smash her face if she gets too close to my boyfriend!"

Spazzing out


To Freak out, to go crazy, to be extremely impressed "Meee!* Frank was spazzing out when I showed him my new girlfriend"
"I was so upset that I was spazzing out"


*see: Meee
Change, coins (money) Meee*, there's another toll booth; Do you have some speech?


*see: Meee
A Line "Never mind, there was a whole streesh on the side of my Mustang after the accident!"


Strega A witch "She's a real strega that one!"